Schools! We need your help!

If you are currently a member of staff at a primary or high school and would like to be involved in our research, there are two main ways you can help:

1. Spread the word!

Tell the parents at your school about the website so they can read about the study and take part at home if they would like to.

2. Arrange for the study to be conducted at your school

Our researchers can visit your school to test the children (with their parents’ permission) no matter where you are in the country.

What will happen if we test in schools?

At school: Children will complete some questionnaires (covering issues such as the perception of sensations in their body, their attitudes towards food, body image, and perfectionism). They will   also complete a task which measures their perception of their heartbeat, and a game related to body image.  This should take 1 hour for each child.

At home: Parents will be asked to complete questionnaires about themselves and their child.

What will you receive in return?

All children who take part will be entered into a prize draw to win book vouchers!

Each school will also be given a £50 book voucher as a thank you! You will also be given the opportunity for one of the researchers to give a science talk to the students. This can be arranged so that it fits in with the requirements for the national curriculum.

If you would like to help out in either way, please contact us using the details available on the “Contact The Researchers” page.