We are currently looking for participants to take part in another study looking at interoception and eating. For this study, we are looking for people who:


Are aged 18 or over

Have been diagnosed with an eating disorder


The study aims to investigate how awareness of our bodies affects the way we eat. This awareness is often referred to as interoception, which can include awareness of lots of types of sensations such as hunger, thirst, changes in body temperature, nausea, heart rate etc. Some previous research has suggested that interoception may affect our eating behaviour, and may even be related to problems with eating, such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. This project aims to explore this by measuring interoception using several questionnaire measures and linking this to eating behaviour.


If you are eligible, we would appreciate your participation in this study because it will aid research in the important area of eating disorders and interoception. By exploring some of the factors which may contribute to eating disorders, we can hopefully find better ways of preventing them from developing, or treating them if they do develop, which could help lots of people across the world.


What will happen to me if I take part?
If you choose to take part,  you will be asked to complete six questionnaires. The questions will be related to your perception of sensations in your body, anxiety, mood, awareness of your emotions, your attitudes towards food and your eating behaviours. This should take approximately 20 mins.


All of the questions are voluntary, so if you do not feel comfortable answering a question (or if you can’t remember the answer to a question, such as when you were diagnosed) then you can leave these questions blank. The two questionnaires related to eating and attitudes towards food will ask questions related to eating disorder symptoms, so it’s important that you are comfortable reading and answering these questions if you are going to take part.


What are the risks and benefits of taking part?
There are no risks associated with taking part in the study. However, as some of the questions involve issues related to mental health and eating, we have included the details of support services that you can contact at the end of the study in case you need someone to talk to. There are no direct benefits to taking part in the study, but you will be contributing to research that helps us understand more about interoception and eating behaviour. Everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw to win Amazon vouchers (1 x £40 and 3 x £20 vouchers to give away).


If you have any questions before choosing whether to participate, please email Melissa at Melissa.Barker.2018@live.rhul.ac.uk. If you’d like to take part, please click on the link below and follow the instructions!


Take Part in the Study!